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Wholehearted Commitment

I am an experienced practitioner of functional medicine whose specialty is in preventative health measures and lasting support for a healthy, happy life. I utilize a unique blend of Western diagnostic tools and alternative health support, using the best of lab testing to find, target, treat, and support your body's natural processes.

I have been practicing integrative health for over 25 years and my approach to patient care empowers patients to take their health back by understanding the cellular, dietary and lifestyle origins of disease. 


I develop a personalized approach for each patient I work with, utilizing a variety of laboratory tests, including blood work, urine, and hormone saliva tests, as well as an in-depth review of the patient's history to uncover the source of ill health and organ system dysfunction.


The current medical approach, only treating the symptom of the problem pharmacologically, does not work. In contrast, my practice is committed to finding and treating the root of physical illness and ailments. 

I have treated patients with issues ranging from heavy metal toxicity to depression to exhaustion to persistent viral issues, and can treat those dealing with acute health issues or those that are just interested in learning more about their bodies and how to live a health lifestyle. My core focus has been in targeting fatigue, digestion issues, hormone imbalances, metabolism, and the methylation process.


In my practice, solutions to chronic and acute health issues will involve targeted nutrition information and recipes, recommendations for lifestyle changes, as well as supplements. Dr. Semaille views health as a multi-faceted, evolving target that is different for each person. She will support you in your support goals while also teaching that vegetables can be delicious.


I graduated from the French Institute of Chiropractic in 1993 and graduated Cum Lade from Palmer Chiropractic West in 1995 with 2 Doctor of Chiropractic degrees.  I have completed Advanced Practice Chiropractic Certification in New Mexico in pharmacology, toxicology and integrative medicine. I am also certified in Dr. Lundell's Program Nutritional Pathology. 

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